Bucket List

As of 11/2022, I have been walking this earth for about 15,949 days!!! 15/37 on the bucket list have been completed.

1. Visit new Yankee stadium.

2. Attend Mariano Rivera’s hall of fame induction.

3. Help someone significantly without them knowing. 03/31/2014 Fatima Hospital

4. Visit the Holy Land.

5. Take my daughters prom picture.

6. Attend Derek Jeter’s hall of fame induction. Moved to 2021 due to COVID-19

7. Attend a Giants game at Met Life Stadium.

8. Attend Wimbledon.

9. Visit Hong Kong.

10. Watch one of my kids graduate high school.


12. Visit Guam. 05/2013

13. Read the bible from cover to cover
1/1/14 to 12/8/2014

14. Visit the George Washington museum.


16.  Take a cruise.

17. Visit The city in Spain my surname comes from.

18. Watch one of the kids in a competitive activity.10/06/12 AAU State Championships, Georgia

19. Complete a 10K.

20. Fix dream car exactly how I want it. 02/20

21. Visit Key West.

22. Work on my dream Career. 01/1902/20

23. Visit Japan. 5/31/15

24. Attend a concert sitting in front of the stage. 11/25/13 alicia keys

25. Get Jhens dream car.

26. Start a non-profit. 01/2013

27. Complete a three day fast. 02/2014

28. Lose 30 pounds

29. Have a front row seat to an eclipse.
10/08/2014 on Guam

30. Attend a Jay-Z concert. 10/28/11 Watch the Throne, Philips Arena

31. Attend a Stanley Cup final. 06/26/22 – Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Colorado Avalanche – Amalie Arena

32. Run a 5K. 10/21/15

33. Watch one of the kids graduate college.

34. Attend a World Series game.

35. Walk down the aisle with one of my daughters.

36. Watch a concert with one of my kids. 6/6/14 Taylor Swift

37. Climb Mount Fuji. 05/15


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