Manila to Atlanta

August 9, 2011

Man, I am so excited about going home. Tough it was fun here, I desperately miss my family. Business here in the Philippines went really well and it is inevitable that a return sooner than later will have to take place. When coming back here, jhen would have to come as well. No matter how fun the trip was, it would have been 10 times better with the family here.

Thank you to university of the east and university of the Philippines officials for extending such accommodations. It is greatly appreciated.

I do not know how much blogging I will be doing on the trip back to Georgia. I am exhausted physically and emotionally. Having to speak proper English for the last 12 days has taken a lot of me.


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  1. Well sir, all I can say is, there’s no place like home. UE is quite far from my hometown so I need to be separated from my family to pursue my studies. It’s part of the challenges anyway so I need to take it:) I’m happy with my university anyway:)


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