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Lauren Daigle – Billboard Performance and Review

For the record, everyone here at NeedTheSpirit has been a fan of Lauren Daigle since day one.  From her album – Look Up Child to the inspiration of How Can It Be, Lauren has always been a go to when our spirits need “filling up”

On May 1, 2019 something amazing happened.  With just under eight million people watching their TV’s we see Lauren standing on top of a small platform, ready to perform her hit You Say.  What happens next will take your breath away.


It sends shivers down my spine to know that millons of people around the world are listening to this song.  I am not exargerating when i say this.  Despite the Billboard Awards having performances from mega superstarts such as The Jonas Brother and Mariah Carey, it was Luaren’s performance that was the most “Shazamed” act of the night.


What an inspiring night that will be in the minds and hearts of millions of people for years to come.  God Bless PJSLB

Lauren Daigle – Look Up Child

Just had my first run thru with Lauren Daigle’s new album; Look Up Child. Absolutely…inspiring. It has the hit, You Say but the song that is on repeat now for me is Rescue. Lyrics such as this just put me at peace…

I will send out an army to find You

In the middle of the darkest night

It’s true, I will rescue you

I will never stop marching to reach you

In the middle of the hardest fight

It’s true, I will rescue you

I have a feeling that this album will be on repeat for the foreseeable future.

You can find Look Up Child on Apple here.

Be sure to visit my other entries on this one of a kind voice here.

Have a great day everyone. May you see the love of God today. PJSLB

Christian Christmas Music Day 5

***Until Christmas Day, I will be highlighting one song that defines Christmas for me and my family. Hopefully, some of these songs will be an inspiration to you and your family as well.

Day 5 – Lauren Daigle – Proves all you need is one instrument and a blessed voice.

BEHOLD: A Christmas Collection  Song – Light of the World (Behold Version)


There is no way i can have a favorite Christian music playlist and NOT include Ms. Daigle.  The Lord has blessed my family thru Lauren in time of sorrow and confusion for my daughter  and I have already sung the praises of this album, BEHOLD: A Christmas Collection.  I dare to say that Lauren Daigle is the modern day voice for Christian music.

Don’t let the long lines at the stores keep you down!  =)  -PJSLB

Christmas Album 2016 – Lauren Daigle – BEHOLD

A few days ago, I reviewed (from a Christian standpoint) Lauren Daigle’s 2015 album How Can It be. I am a huge fan of Ms. Daigle and was ecstatic to see that Apple Music recommended her new album entitled BEHOLD A Christmas Collection to me.  If it wasn’t for Apple, I would of never known that Lauren just released a Christmas Album

The track list for BEHOLD A Christmas Collection:


As the title says, this is an album of Christmas classics which are being sung by one of the smoothest voices out there today.  I can’t wait to get to the car this afternoon and enjoy this album with my daughters.

Do yourself (and your family) a favor and get this album.  You will not be disappointed.  You can find out more about Lauren Daigle on her website.