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God Bless us the next four years

Regardless of how you feel about the incoming president Donald Trump, i invite all of you to say a prayer of blessing to our new President.  There are more things in life that binds us than divides us!

Lord, I ask you that you always keep our country safe and strong.  I pray lord that your WILL be done and that we continue to strive to keep you first in our lives.  In the name of Jesus, I pray for blessings for President Trump and his administration.  I pray for everyone that will be attending the inauguration today.  

I pray also for our senators, the men and women of congress, our judges, and state officials.  I pray lord for wisdom and foresight in the job they have to do.  

Finally, I pray for the next generation of Americans.  I pray lord that they have a heart that seeks you and a heart for our country.  In Jesus name I pray and in Jesus name i praise…AMEN. -PJSLB

How do you talk to Christ on a daily basis

Talking to God is one of those things that are constant yet has its days.  Just like a child talking to a parent. On the good days a child will say little to nothing to a parent but on days when they are in trouble or have a problem, they tell mom/dad all their problems and look for guidance.

I am just like that as well.  Lately, i have been going thru a life altering event and my prayers and conversations will Christ have been on full blast.  I got a couple of questions about how to interact with Christ on a daily level that i thought i would share it all with you.

The first thing i do when i wake up is talk to God.  Its not a prayer in itself but rather a conversation.  All thru the night, I actually speak with Christ.  It may be a sentence or just a word but its my way of being around our Lord.

wake up gif

When i get to my office, I read a devotional to set my day.  The devotionals change to keep things fresh and motivating.  Lately, I have been reading First 5, an app that has daily devotionals centered around a book on the bible.  I love that the themes constantly change and how more than a few people comment on the days devotional.  Below is a picture of todays devotional on First 5.


My next schedules appoint with the Lord is at 3:00 pm.  Lets me first say that i do have Christ on my mind daily and when faced with specific events, I do say quick prayers but 3:00 pm is my set aside time to be with Christ again.  Why 3:00 pm?  Mark 15:25 tell us that Jesus crucifixion took place on the third hour (9:00 am) and died on the 6th hour (3:00 pm).  I am aware that other parts of the bible are different.  3 PM is not a sacred hour but an hour of reflection.

At this time, I listen to a podcast from Max Lucado – Daily Devotionals.  The devotionals are lighthearted and inspirational.  The length or just over a min allows me to listen, pray and continue with my days.

Finally at the end of the day, i read my Bible. There is nothing wrong with reading the Bible in the morning but for me, I love being able to read it and just reflect on it while laying down.  I always do the “read the bible in a year” programs.  Currently, i am reading the Book of Job.

I would love to hear how you spend your day with Christ.  There is no right or wrong way.  The important thing is to share you day with our savior.  He loves being part of our lives.  God Bless and have a good one! -PJSLB

Prayer for readers from Ireland

The past two weeks, I have noticed quite a few readers coming from Ireland.  The site gets is hits from the usual suspects like North America and Asia.  Its lovely to see that the Holy Spirit is using this site to reach out to more people.  Its weird in that I do not see myself as someone who the Lord can use.  For our new readers in Ireland, I would like to say a prayer for you.

Lord, I pray for the people from Ireland who are visiting the blog just wanting to know about you more.  I pray lord that these words continue to inspire them.  I pray lord that they have a personal relationship with you and if they don’t , LORD I PRAY THAT YOU CONTINUE TO TALK TO THEM…INSPIRE THEM…LOVE THEM…AND THEN USE THEM FOR FURTHER YOUR KINGDOM.  Lord, I pray for their country of IRELAND.  I pray lord that blessings fall down on them.  I pray lord that you guide their political leaders, teachers, fathers and mothers.  Most importantly, I pray that you bless the children of Ireland and that they be the next generation of Christian leaders doing your will.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

To my readers in Ireland, i just want to say that JESUS LOVES YOU! If you have a personal relationship with Christ, I pray that your walk with Christ is personal and intimate.  If you dont know Christ, I invite you to keep coming back to this blog to read about the good graces of our Lord.  I also invite you to visit the Christian Broadcast Network website to know more about Christ.

I also do not know a lot about Ireland so please feel free to tell me more about your county. That way i can post more things instead of just this!


Have a blessed weekend and a safe New Years Ireland. -PJSLB