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Reader Prayer request 02/25/18

A reader has asked the following:

“I ask my fellow brothers and sisters I Christ to pray for the selling of our home and for our kids as we transition to a new chapter in our life.” P.V.

Moving into a new home is exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. Going thru this recently, I know the feeling first hand. Many thoughts enter your mind especially the following; “are you making the right choice?” I will say that PV, the lord will never place you somewhere only to fail and not succeed. You have my prayers and I ask for the readers of needthespirit to pray on PV’s behalf as well. PJSLB

Prayer Warriors needed (Prayer Request)

This was a text message i sent to family and friends earlier this afternoon. I wanted to send it to all my brothers and sisters in Christ. It was then that i realized that ALL OF YOU ARE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST. It is with that sentiment that i ask for your prayers tonight. I humbly ask that you lift me up and that the Holy Spirit show up and show out! Thanks. Below is the text i sent earlier:

Sorry for the mass email but I need prayer warriors! The prayers have helped in the past with the move and new house. I know that prayer works! There is an opportunity presented with a university here that despite all understanding, I have gotten this far in the hiring process. The Holy Spirit has lined up everything. I claim this position as Director of ####### ####### boldly and I ask that in your conversations with God, you claim if for me as well. I am not ashamed to ask my brothers and sisters in Christ for this as I would do it for you in a heartbeat as well. Thanks everyone!

Nightly Prayer – 01/03/18

I thank you lord for my family. I thank you lord for being patient with me as I had my brief weakness about when is it my time. I pray for the girls as they go back to school. I know lord that you are ALWAYS with us and that in your due time, blessings beyond imagination will come upon myself and my family. I pray for TXXXXX as she is going thru some bad times. I pray for MXXX that he does the right thing. I pray for RXXXand the kind heart you have instilled him him. As a door closes, I know that you will open another. I thank you lord for this. In Jesus Name, Amen.