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Good Morning Prayer – 12/30/16

Heavenly Father,

I thank you for blessing me with another day on earth with my family.  It was such a cold morning walking the dogs.  I thank you for these new puppies that have been such a joy for my kids.  I thank you lord that during this Christmas break my kids were able to just stay home and relax.  I thank you for keeping us free from sickness and be able to enjoy this holiday season.

Lord, please watch over family and friends that are away from us.  Please continue to send blessings to our nation.

I pray lord that you continue to talk to me and tell me where i need to go.  Too many times I have been trying to force your hand and making my own plans.  I give that up and surrender it all to you.

I thank you for the Bible and the way it speaks to me whenever i open it.  I pray lord that someone out there who is reading this also picks up the bible to read your thoughts on life.

Finally, I pray lord that use me as a example of your love on earth.  May i never falter is showing that.  If i do, I pray lord you bless me with the ability to realize my mistakes and fix them.

I love you Lord. In Jesus Name, Amen.


Doxie playingDoxie with cute eyes

Nightly Prayer -12/07/16

Lord, as I sit in between my two daughters as they sleep peacefully this night, I pray lord for their health. I pray lord for wonderful experiences that will strengthen their faith and trust in you. I pray that they will remember you in time when the road is not so straight. I pray for K as she will be in the schools Nativity play. I pray for N as she is getting better and catching up on school work. I pray for J as you walk with her on college. I pray for my wife and thank you for the rock she is in my life. 

I pray lord for all those who are looking for you. I pray for an experience they will never forget. I pray for family, friends, and readers that are suffer lord. Whatever that suffering is, please help them. 

Finally, I pray for myself. I pray for knowledge and compassion. I pray to never boast. I pray to be a mirror of your love. 

In Jesus Name, Amen


Prayer request from A.R.R.

Received this today in the prayer request page.  Please life up P.C. in your prayers.

Please pray for my wife and I. I (have) been wanting another child, but she (has) been afraid/fearful with her high blood pressure (and) that it will be difficult during her pregnancy and put the child at high risk. Keep us in your prayers.

Merry Christmas Family….
God Bless


A.R.R., You will be in all our prayers.  This is a tough one because its praying for what you want and at the same time praying for someone else (in this case your wife) to be comfortable with what you are praying for.  Wanting another child is something i can relate to.  I also know how stressful and worrisome any pregnancy can be.

It is in my heart to pray NOT for your wife to change her mind or for you to receive what you are praying for BUT to pray for complete trust and submittal to the will of God.  The bible teaches us to trust the lord in all and rely on his infinite understanding.  I pray that you trust the Lord in his decision to help you have a child (or not) AND more importantly, I pray that your wife TRUSTS the lord if she does (or does not) get pregnant.

Psalm 84:11 
For the LORD God is our sun and our shield. He gives us grace and glory. The LORD will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right.

Please keep us updated A.R.R. and rest assured that you have brothers and sisters in Christ  that are praying for you and your family.


If there is something you would like fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to join you in prayer and petition, you can send a request here on our prayer request form.