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2016 Love Riot Tour – Newsboys (Graham Saber)

I have been blessed to be a part of some really great concerts.  From Jay-Z to Kanye West in the hip-hop world to Alicia Keys and Taylor Swift in the pop world.  I have also experienced the Holy Spirit move in Christian Concerts.  There has always been one Christian concert that has always been above and beyond any and that was by Superchick.  I absolutely loved that group and i can vividly remember feeling the Holy Spirit moving in me that day.  I never thought i would be fortunate to feel that way again…then i was blessed again to be part of the group that was in the Macon Collesium for the Newsboys 2016 – Love Riot Tour.

Graham Saber – First ACT

I will not pretend to act like i knew who Graham Saber was BEFORE this concert and judging by the lack of a Wiki page, I am not the only one.  I will tell you that i am a huge fan of his AFTER the concert.  When his name was announced, my kids asked who is that and by the end of the concert, my girls were asking why they haven’t heard about him until tonight and all i can say to that is that is an excellent question.  I am a hip hop person by default and when i heard If Money Didn’t Matter, I already knew i would be a fan of his for life.  Graham’s new album entitled All We Fought For is an album that will be on repeat at work, home, car, gym, etc. for a very long time.  AWFF is a song on that smooth tip that brings home the message of the love of God.  On the track Rollercoaster he drops the line “underachieving like i play for the thunder”, i knew his world play rivals any present hip hop artist.  Graham is an artist that we need to educate the masses about.  His music is second to none and the message is what is needed in today’s world.  My girls favorite song is Here, Now (the drums is absolutely sick).  Thanks Newsboys for introducing Graham to us.  We look forward to hearing more from him.   Do yourself a favor and know him and his songs soon so when he blows up, you can say you were a fan from the beginning.  Put him on the radio K LOVE RADIO!!!

You can find the review on The Afters here.  Next Up – Ryan Stevenson (He was only the second act!), and Newsboys.
God Bless All.  Lets share the talen to Graham Saber

Christian Hip Hop

I love Hip-Hop.  Let me rephrase that…I LOVE MUSIC.  Born in New York, raised on Guam, and living at one time or another in every region of our country, my taste in music is as wide as the Grand Canyon.

As a Christian who loves music (especially Hip Hop) it’s increasingly getting hard to find music that uplifts me spiritually.  Sure, you have music like those found on K-LOVE but sometimes you just want to get hyped up and enjoy the bass banging from the speakers in your car.  Today, I found such a rapper that not only connected me with me college years but has now connected with me on a Christian level.

I first came across MC JIN when he would do those freestyle battles on BET back in the day.  He would then play a role in one of my favorite move franchises, The Fast and the Furious.  He played Jimmy in 2 Fast 2 Furious.  Today, MC Jin is a professed Christian.  He still sounds the same as if he was still doing battles on BET but the message has changed.  I thank God for being able to listen to something like this in my car!

Here is a sample on MC JIN with he was on a morning talk show.

Love the line – You go to church, read the bible, that’s great I applaud you, but it’s all a question of How’s your relationship with the father!

You can follow MC Jin on Twitter as well by following @iammcjin.

Comment with any all Christian artist you listen to right now!  God Bless All Of US!

Today, Joy Was In My Fathers Voice.



My father has been the single biggest influence on my life.  He taught me the meaning of being a man.  He showed thru his actions that hard work does not mean being able to rest and slack off when you get home.  The effort you put in at home should be equal to how hard you worked in the office.  My childhood is filled with memories of my dad coming home at 5:30 pm and taking me to the courts to play until 9:00 pm.  Never mind if he was tired from a long day at work.  He always made me feel like i mattered.  This is something i strive to do with my family today.  If i can do it half as good as my father, my family will be in great shape.  I know how much my father love me.  I know how much i love my kids.  All the love we have for one another does not compare to the love the lord as for us!!! how great is that!!!

The last few months have been tough.  My father has seen his two brothers leave us and be with the good lord above.  He tries to be brave but you can hear the sadness in his voice.  I want my father to be happy.  He deserves to be happy.

About 10 years ago, my father recorded a bunch of songs in english and filipino.  When i played his old CD for him, I saw him smile and take joy in hearing them again.  It was then i heard happiness in his voice once again.  I would like to share is songs with you.  Hug your fathers and tell them you love them.

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My God Fights My Battles..Our God Is An Awesome God!


Lately, I have been attacked a lot spiritually.  Nothing bad or drastic, just a bunch of small events that are piling up on top of each other.  The first few were easy to brush up but the last couple have started me along a mindset of being negative.  It’s days like this that i need to take my eyes off what is giving me the problems and focus my eyes on the Lord.  Prayer is more than just a wish list of wants and needs.  Prayer is my opportunity to talk to my father and plead my case.  It is a great relief to know that i have the God of Justice on my side.

The lyrics of the song “Awesome God” says it all…

Our God is an awesome God
He reigns from heaven above
With wisdom power and love
Our God is an awesome God

Speaking the of song Awesome God, the version from R-Swift is my favorite.  I first heard this song when UFC lightweight Benson Henderson walked out to the octagon with this song blasting.  I admire Benson for being at the top of his profession and not ashamed to wear his faith on his sleeve.  like our motto says…WHY BE AN UNDERCOVER CHRISTIAN!!!