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Patience Is A Virtue.


Just like my cousin once told me, patience is a virtue. Expecting results right after praying is like our kids expecting that toy they just asked for (after seeing it on tv) right away. We all look for instant results. The truth is when we finally get what we asked for, it’s always worth the wait.

It’s great being back on the island. Have a great week people. God bless!

Typhoon Hagupit (Ruby) – Final

Check back often for updates before, during, and after the typhoon has passed. God be with us all.

I am writing this from manila with regular communication with people in the Visayas region (expected landfall area).

Final Update
12/8/12 11:00 pm EST
Well the typhoon has come and pass and to be honest, it was uneventful in Manila. The city did a really good job in making sure that everyone that needed to be evacuated got the help they needed. The problem now going forward is that some people who evacuated and checked into shelters saw little or no effects from the typhoon. They may be stubborn and not pay attention to future earnings.

Update 5
12/7/14 11:45 pm EST

Buildings are now covered with rain clouds as compared to previous pics.

Picture taken 10 mins later. Rain has now completely covered makati.

Update 4
12/7/14 7:35 pm EST

Worst of the typhoon should be hitting manila in about 12 hours. Was told winds will be around 50-90 kph but rains can be torrential possibly leading to flash floods. If you know manila, you know that will be a certainty. It’s an overcast day. Schools are cancelled today and private sector jobs have the option to cancel today as well (most have).

Update 3
12/6/14 8:55 pm EST


View of Manila Golf and Country Club from Global City. It’s hot and to be honest people here are not at all worried about the typhoon. They are saying that the the worst of the storm will be arriving tonight.

Update 2
12/6/14 8:36 am EST
Some are taking this typhoon seriously, most aren’t. We have ballroom dancing at Market Market in Global City as the typhoon makes landfall in Samar. Typhoon is expected to be in our general area within the day.

Give thanks to our lord and savior for sparing this country from devastating forces. The Philippines be blessed.

Update 1
12/5/14 -10:35 pm EST
Breakfast stroll around Makati at the Salcedo Saturday Market. Lots of people here. No one is worried about the upcoming typhoon around this area.

12/5/14 – 6:15 pm EST
Well, I certainly picked a good time to have a business trip in Manila. Expecting winds around a 122 mph (197kph) and I am staying on the 16th floor in a condo. I’m flying back to Guam on Monday but based on the Storm track models, that seems to be unlikely. PLEASE PRAY FOR THE PHILIPPINES. The path of this storm is similar to that of Super Typhoon Yolanda.

Paulo Coelho – For My Visitors In Brazil.


I am amazed at how far reaching this blog has become. I am even more surprised that quite a few readers are from Brazil. This one is for you! You will be surprised at how popular Paulo Coelho is here in the Philippines. Came across this quote and had to use it. What a beautiful and blessed mind. Read more about Paulo here.

Philippine Airline – Guam to Manila




First, Guam is an island filled with culture and friendliness. The sign at the departure gate says it all. A Philippine airlines flight with Russian subtitles on the bottom. Tourist from South Korea, China, Japan, Russia, Australia, the Philippines, etc. all come to this tiny island for some of the worlds best beaches, sunset, shopping, and people. I have absolutely fallen in love with this island in the past year.

The plane itself was like a plane from past years. It was like stepping into a time machine. This airline must have seen a checklist with the ‘minimum requirements’ to fly in the USA and made sure to meet only what is required. I haven’t been on plane that didn’t have any monitors in quite sometime. The dividing wall between first class and economy so the seats just go on and go on. Quite a few seats were not able to recline. As I said, the plane itself was just the bare minimum.

On the plus side (my parents always told me to look for the positives), food was absolutely delicious. Chicken in soy sauce and mushrooms with garlic rice. Though, It would of been nice if I was offered more than one class of water. The Ebola questionnaire was a little unnerving. More to come as I am writing this on my phone. Excuse the grammatical errors.