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Relationship With God Is Movement.



A relationship with God is constant movement. It has it’s ups and downs, peaks and valley’s, etc. Even if you have a relationship with Christ, you are not guaranteed a comfortable life on this earth. Reason is simple. You were not made for this earth. If Jesus suffered on this earth, why should you be sheltered from the pain, suffering, and challenges that even our Lord went thru.

Always move forward. Always keep your eyes focused on Christ…in good times and in bad.

May the lord bless you, keep you, and fulfill all that you need until your time comes to love with him in eternity.

Just A Little Christian Encouragement


As a Christian we have the advantage of having our savior by our side. Yet, to many times we always focus on the bad and negativity in our life. We replay hurts that we have experienced and by doing so we relive the pain of that moment. Instead of focusing on the painful past, why don’t we focus on today. Today is another day given to us. Today is a day that the lord walks side by side with us…even if we do not always feel him. Just the mere fact that our end game is already written should be enough for you to say that…I am blessed today.

How I Survived My 2014 Trials and Tribulations.


2014 had its moments when I was feeling along alone and scared. in all its was my faith in Jesus that got me thru some challenging times. I learned when facing tough times that keeping my eyes and thoughts focused squarely on our savior, I not only get past my challenges I gain something from it.

2014 was the year of lessons for me. I am confident I passed them all. 2015 is when I receive my rewards.

Keep your eyes in Christ at all times…good and bad.

Happy New Years. God Bless Us All.



It’s freezing here in Manila. Not USA mainland cold by a long shot but A good break from the heat on Guam. Happy New Years to all my brothers and sisters in Christ. May our lord continue to bless you and your loved ones.

How was your New Years in your part of the word?