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Be Careful What We Say.


When people see my life, I want them to see a Christian.  I want them to see love and hope.  I want the Holy Spirit to use my life to effect positive change in someone else’s life.  I have always said that I am not the perfect Christian.  I search for Christ always and thats the best that I can do.

WHAT ABOUT YOU?  Are people happy that you are in their lives?  Do you bring them happiness?  Is joy and happiness present when you are around?  Do you always try to make it a point to hurt people with your words?  Are you a burden or a tool for Christ?  These are questions that we need to answer honestly.

The world is full with negativity.  The last thing we need is more of it.  I challenge all readers of this blog to answer this question honestly:


Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I challenge you to be an inspiration to everyone in your life.  Talk them up, not down.  Lift their spirits and not their worries.  Plain and simple…let us all stop using our words as knives.

Mandy Hale says it best…


God Bless Our Troops…U.S. Soldiers Singing Praises

Our Troops Singing Praises.

I remember the excitement in my daughters (grade 4K) voice as she was telling me about a song they had performed while attending Vacation Bible School at Northside Christian Church in Macon, GA.  The song was called “Days of Elijah” by Robin Mark.  The song she learned was accompanied by simple choreography.  I can recall thanking God under my breath in that moment for showing himself to my daughter.  I also made a mental note of the song becuase I knew a day would come when that song would come back into our lives and put a smile on my daughters face as she gets older.

Four years later my daughter has gotten so big.  She has adjusted well to the move to Guam and is still seeking out our lord.  She is also beginning to learn about our US government and how the consitution is the law of the land.  I want my daughter to love this great country of ours and still honor our God.  I am motivated by this passage

“And Jesus said to them, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” And they were amazed at Him.”  Mark 12:17

I was looking for something that ties in love for our country and love for our God.  After watching this Video, I am confident that i found the perfect video to show my daughter.  I can’t wait for her to watch this tomorrow.  Watch the video.  It will definitely lift your spirit.

Our Troops Singing Praises.


An ode to Tattnall Square Academy in Macon, GA

Tattnall Square Academy

As a Christian, we live in a society where prayer and God is being taken out of our children schools. Yes, my wife and I decided on private school rather than public school because of the safety concerns, more in-tuned teachers, and the extra-curricular actives. But more importantly, we choose private school so my child will have the freedom of religion. In the 3 years that our child (Nyah) has attended Tattnall, she has made friends, experienced those positive moments, and has gotten so close to the lord. She is ready to take the next step on Guam/Philippines and its all because you, TATTNALL SQUARE ACADEMY. There is no way our family can ever thank you enough. Even though we now have an ocean between us, you can count on our family to help further the goals of Tattnall. We never know where The Lord will send us. For all we know, the kids will spend their high school days back at Tattnall.

Growing up, I have fond memories of growing up in a school where Religion was a huge part of the curriculum. I thank you Tattnall for laying the foundation for my child.

Honors with excellence award. Straight A’s throughout the school year

Nyah and 4K teacher Ms. Allen, K teacher Ms. Kitchens, and 1st grade teacher Ms. Evans

Ms. Barbara has been involved with Nyah in one way or another for the past three years. Before classes, during school, after school, out in the community, etc. this woman of God has been an angel. Our eternal thanks for this blessing lord!

Praise the lord always!

Next stop is Harvest Christian Academy