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Writing ideas to get you started

Saw this on TickTock and thought what a wonderful idea. I think as authors, too many times we have an idea of what we want our story to be; we have the overall idea but we just do not know how to get it started. Sometimes the first sentence is the hardest thing to write.

This very second I am grateful for


In a society where we scroll aimlessly on social media apps and watch vidoes that are funny and pointless at the same time, its nice when something deep and thoughtful comes thru the screen.


I came across this a couple of weeks ago and it still makes me think.  “What am i grateful for right this second?”  I am greatful for another second of life to try to make a difference in any way to someone, somehow.

Take a few moments to answer that question.  It  may lead you to viewing your life just a little bit differently.

God Bless,