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A notification I wish I could receive

Every time my phone beeps, I immediately grab it to see what it’s about. It could be a text, email, snap, DM, Facebook notification, etc. There is so much ways for anyone to reach us at anytime. I know my God is always around but sometimes the outside world can be loud and the words from God are not as clear. Wouldn’t it be cool if we got a text like this.

Writing ideas to get you started

Saw this on TickTock and thought what a wonderful idea. I think as authors, too many times we have an idea of what we want our story to be; we have the overall idea but we just do not know how to get it started. Sometimes the first sentence is the hardest thing to write.

It’s going to be a great 24 hours in your life

You have been given another 24 hours in life. Make it count! Be there for someone. Say I love you. Say I forgive you. Share the good news in Christ. Let’s spend the next 24 hours making our surroundings just a little better.