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Following God’s will sounds simple

Following God should be simple. As a Christian, we have felt and experienced the saving grace and peace that only the Lord can bring. We have seen the miracles and felt the calm of his love. We know the end story and victory is already ours.
If we know all this already, Why is it still hard to follow Gods will?  I struggle with this as well. I know my God sits on the throne and i know that victory shall be mine in the end. Yet, in daily life, I find myself scared, nervous and quiet.

I need to remind myself that Jesus paid the price and I already won. WE already won! Thank you lord for that

Have a great morning…God Bless

Earthly work can honor the Lord. 

I had this verse ready to go but just had a feeling in me to wait before posting. 

Work is work and work is indeed tough. 24 hours a day just doesn’t seem like it’s enough time. We all get rushed and in return we get cranky. 

I am being led to say that there is someone out there that needs to read this verse. Anything you do, do it for God and his glory. We cannot fathom the greatness and intellectual of our God. Do your work to honor him…who knows what God will use you for. 

Jesus died and rose again so that we may live. 


A Fathers Prayer For His Children


As I sit here on the the edge of my daughters bed here on the beautiful island of Guam, I am aware of your love for me and my family. The quietness of the night with a hint of Jim Brickman playing in the background has set the mood of reflection. I see peace in the eyes of my children. When they talk, I hear happiness and hope. When I ask my kids “who is the one person you love more than mom and dad?” I am proud to hear them say JESUS! You have given them everything they need in life. At such a young age, I can already see you working in them. All the blessings I have coming to me…lord, redirect them to my kids. They are wiser than I ever was or will be. I have wasted many opportunities that you have given me. I promise I will see to it that the kids continue to know where all their blessings come from and teach them to be bold to use it. In Jesus name amen.