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Thanks for another day of being sick

The last couple of weeks have been rough. Bad head cold followed by a cough that feels like Thor himself is hitting my chest with his hammer.

The thing about being sick (especially for me) is that I am an absolute baby. When sick, I cannot function. It’s times like this that I just wish the days go by.

I thank you lord for this day. I thank you lord for waking me up and giving me time to enjoy my family and friends. I know that times are rough, but the fact that I have been given another day should be celebrated.

Continue to bring the rain

Good morning!  Its been a cold a rainy last few days but I will take that with the kind of drought that we have been having here in Georgia.  Lets all take a second to pray for those affected by the fires in Gatlingburg, TN.  Lord, please bring a the peace and calm that only you can.

The family and i have been sick this whole weekend and it has rolled over to today.  Please keep N in your prayer as she has been suffering from a bad cold.  I have been so out of it today that before i headed off to work, I wanted to take Dayquil to at least get me to the afternoon.  Well not paying attention and all, I ended up taking Nyquil instead.  Now, I hope to just make it to the next hour without falling asleep.

I pray that you all have a wonderful and sick free week.  I’m not working on anything in particular but i know the Lord will instill with me what to write this week.  In the meanwhile that couch looks so good right now, I may have to say hi to it (nap time).  In Jesus name we celebrate our victory. – PJSLB