Let Go and Let God


I know this sounds mean.  The first sentence is shocking.  Your enemies will get what’s coming to them.  The truth is we need to “let go and let God” deal with our life situations.  Holding on to the pain, the injustice, and the wrong takes way from our spirit.  It also allows the darker forces to get a foothold in your life.

Relax and know that in time, God will work everything out.  Who knows, when you see what God does, you may just feel sorry for the other person.  Blessings. PJSLB

25 Bible verses about letting go from Biblereasons.com.

I know i have been gone for awhile BUT i have a good reason…

Its been awhile since i last wrote here and i must say it feels a little weird.  Anyways, Im sure i will get in the hang of things again as i keep hammering way on the keypad.

I received a few emails asking why the sudden lack of entries on the site.  The answer is pretty simple.  The family and I have spent the last two months moving from one side of the world to another.  A move that involved boxes and cars being shipped by boat (we are still waiting for the boxes), remodeling the house so it will be comfortable for the family, and finding furniture and household goods for the house.  Add to that the stress of back to school and getting acclimated to a new job, I simply did not have enough hours in a day.

By the grace of God, things have calmed down and our new life is beginning to have a routine.  Granted we dont have furniture yet…but we are here, we are happy, and we are still standing.

Anyways, here’s to more frequent posts about the good news that comes expressing your Christian faith!  In the meanwhile why don’t you revisit some of my favorite posts like…

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God Bless You ALL!


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