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The day in front of you is a gift – Treat is as such

60834897_2219151828121334_6783244049043161088_o.jpgWords that inspire and bring about a level of contemplation from T.D Jakes this morning.  No matter how you feel or what you are going through, the facet that you are beating and able to live another day is a gift.  Life is one of those gifts we take for granted.  We always assume that we have tomorrow untill we actually dont have it.  Take advantge of what you are given.  Say what you want to say, mean what you say and most important of all…live life on this side of eternity to the fullest!


He WILL replace your loss

I love this saying and I love the sentiment that what is taken away is easily replaced with something better by our Lord. The only thing that raised my eyebrows with the saying is the word CAN. I believe that my King is the alpha and omega and what he takes away he WILL replace with something better. Thought?