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Let go of the hurt

Keeping all the pain, frustration, anger, resentment, hatred, etc. that you have towards someone does nothing but keep you bitter and focused on nonsense. Keep your eyes on the important stuff; God, family, friends, and your dog!

A tough start to the week

Lord, i pray for all the people who have suffered from the storms in the southeast US this past weekend.  Please give them the peace and comfort that only you can bring.

This has been a very hectic day.  I just got back in my office and didnt even have time for lunch.  Days like this, I need to stop and remember that our God controls all.  Everything that happens and everything that i go thru is for his good in the end.  Have a blessed day everyone. -PJSLB

86,400 seems like a lot…BUT

I love quotes. They have a way of putting our emotions into words. I came across these in the middle of the night (3:38 am) and they have really sparked a fire in me. I can’t sleep anymore! I am inspired, I am ready. I think of all the ideas and plans the the Holy Spirit has placed within me yet I still have not moved. Time is running out…got to get moving. 

What about you? How will you spend your time? I pray these quotes have inspired you the same way it has for me. Let us all do our share to bring glory to God.