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A Prayer Request From Michelle

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Note:  If you have a prayer request and would like people from around the world to pray on your behlaf, visit us here.

Michelle sent in this prayer request via email.

Please pray for the salvation of Emma, Rosey, Cameron,Catherine, Chris, Alex, Dinah, Ray, Eden, Jon, Michael, George, Howard, Mari, Debby, Ceicile,  Leana, Jezzie, Sarah, Jaclyn, Alex, Kevin, mom, dad, Minnie, Lisa, Daisy, David, Penny and Kimberly.

Greetings Michelle,

I pray that you are having a wonderful day.  It is a wonderful thing that you ae praying for others.  I prayed that the lord bless and keep everyone in your prayers.  I also prayed that he reveal himself to those who do not have a personal relationship with him.  I pray for boldness for you.  The boldness to share the good news to those around you.  I pray that they see God’s love in your actions.

Please everyone, say a prayer as well for Michelle and her loved ones.  Our God is a mighty God.  PJSLB

You can also view Michelles pryaer request here.



Morning Prayer 1

Heavenly Father,

I thank you for this morning.  I thank you for waking me up today and granting me another day to live my life for you.  I am trying Lord but i am human and make many mistakes.


Lord, i ask for clarity as you speak to me today.  I pray lord for boldness in my actions and deeds.  I pray lord that i share my faith in the right way when the moment presents itself.  I pray that i treat everyone with LOVE.  I thank you lord for the realization that i am no perfect and i am in no position to judge anyone.  My job is to show your LOVE and in doing so, i am showing you to the world.

I pray for my family and friends.  I pray lord for a selfless heart.  I pray lord that i dont count the times people have been there for me but count the times that you have allowed me to be there for them.

Finally, I pray for every people who reads this, friend or not, beliver or not.  I pray lord that you show yourself to them so that they may see that a personal relationship is wiating for those who reach out.

In Jesus Name…AMEN



Prayer Request from JBT

JBT is asking for clarity. She is not feeling well and it is making her personal and professional life suffer. She is praying for direction on what to do next.

Lord, only you know the perfect plan for our life. What we want is for earthly gains, what you want is for eternity. I pray that you continue to guide and show your love to JBT in this confusing time. In Jesus name. Amen.