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God showing me I am on the right path…

Was not really looking forward to this week. With my teams seasons starting and the beginning of the school year, it’s been one long hectic week. 

I arrived in the morning to my office, turned on my lights and computer, and began focusing on my day and the potential land mines that lay ahead. As I looked down on my desk calendar, I saw two notes that just made me day. 

It’s amazing how just 11 words can change how you feel. I thank you lord for these words and the gentle reminder that though i am tired, I need to always be on my game. I am serving you and I am you ambassador while I am here on earth.  

Patience Is A Virtue.


Just like my cousin once told me, patience is a virtue. Expecting results right after praying is like our kids expecting that toy they just asked for (after seeing it on tv) right away. We all look for instant results. The truth is when we finally get what we asked for, it’s always worth the wait.

It’s great being back on the island. Have a great week people. God bless!