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One person at a time can change the world

Thinking about all the problems of this planet will only leave you feeling helpless and alone. Let’s not focus on the big problems. Let’s focus on local, at home problems. Take care of the village and eventually the villagers will take care of the city.

Prayer for my kids – maybe you can relate

As i lay my head down tonight my heart is heavy with the worry of my kids. I worry about the pressure life brings to them. I worry for their health (mental and physical) and safety in this uncertain world. I place my faith in you and hold dearly to your word that you will never forsaken my kids. I love you lord. In Jesus name amen.

You were never meant to walk alone

We all live in a world where we are surrounded by disappointment, anger, guilt, and even self sabotage.personally, I have been let down so much by others that at times I want to be by myself. I need to learn or should I say, I need to remember that I am not walking alone. We do not have to go through this world and its problems alone. If you are going through something, please talk to someone. Have a blessed day everyone.