Watching the Lord use your Kids to do his will

Proud Dad status of the day:
Coming home this afternoon and driving in the rain we see our elderly neighbor raking the leaves on her front lawn. I ask the girls if we should help her and they said yes. After parking the car and leaving our stuff in the garage, we approach our neighbor and ask if she needed help. She had the biggest smile and said yes. She wants the exercise of raking but not the bending and placing in trash bags. I tell her to leave it all there and the girls and i will return and finish up. She says to the girls that this is the sweetest thing she has seen in such a long time.
An hour later (after the girls finished their homework) we walk over to “Ms. Betty’s” house to find piles of leaves. WE find a small trash bag to be filled with leaves and two chocolate bars on top of the rake. Ms. Betty left them for the girls. The girls glad started placing them in trash bags. N notices that the trash bag was getting full and suggested she go get one of our “big” trash bags. 30 mins later as we were done, K screams thank you to Ms. Betty for the chocolate. Ms. Betty opened her front door and had the biggest smile and said God Bless You to the girls. Walking back to the house, we stopped at Ms. Betty’s driveway and said a prayer of thanks to the Lord for allowing us to help. K quickly said “Im glad we got a chance to help”.


I thank you lord for allowing the girls to be part of your plan to help out someone today. Have a good night everyone. ┬áMay the Lord bless us and keep us. – PJSLB

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