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Earthy Opinions


Came across this on my Facebook wall. It was something I posted in 2013. Still rings true today. I still have a hard time with worrying what people think about me. It’s sad that in this time of my life when I am blessed with so much that I still even worry about what people say. Something I need to really focus on. 

I know what really matters yet I still worry about the wrong things. Anyone else struggling with this? 

Have a great weekend. God Bless!

Come To The Lord With Your Flaws.


A nice reminder that we do not have to be perfect for our lord to use us to effect change.  As this picture shows, he can and will use anyone!

I thank you lord that we can come to you for grace despite our flaws and defects.  If i had to wait till i was perfect before i could approach you…well, you would be waiting for a lifetime.  I ask that you use my life to help others while I am fortunate enough to walk on this earth.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

Good morning from the beautiful island of Guam.  God Bless!

Just A Little Christian Encouragement


As a Christian we have the advantage of having our savior by our side. Yet, to many times we always focus on the bad and negativity in our life. We replay hurts that we have experienced and by doing so we relive the pain of that moment. Instead of focusing on the painful past, why don’t we focus on today. Today is another day given to us. Today is a day that the lord walks side by side with us…even if we do not always feel him. Just the mere fact that our end game is already written should be enough for you to say that…I am blessed today.