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Why it’s hard to forgive?

I have such a vivid memory. I remember times and events pretty well. I love replaying in my mind good times and I love the feeling it brings in me. The same is said about time when someone has done me “wrong”. I replay the moment over and over to remember what was done to me and to motivate me. But what does God say about this?

I ask forgiveness often from God; it’s time I remember that and start forgiving people who have wronged me. PJSLB

Follow the leader (God)

Sometimes life can feel that way—as if circumstances or people are strategically stacked against us in some sort of unfair alliance. And when the odds seem overwhelming, victory sure can appear impossible.

It’s hard to trust God with something that the world tells is impossible. Keeping my eyes on the cross, the promises, and recalling all the blessings I have already received is what gets me thru. Good or bad, always keep your eyes on the cross – PHSLB

God does the impossible


“Sun, stand still over Gibeon, and you, moon, over the Valley of Aijalon” (Joshua 10:12). God not only heard Joshua’s prayer, He answered it, delaying the setting of the sun for a full day.

“Do not be afraid of them; I have given them into your hand” (Joshua 10:8)

What is your God-sized prayer? Will you believe with me today we have a God who can do the impossible?

The picture and the excepts above are from the daily devotional First 5.  I first wrote about first 5 as i was explaining the typical walk with Christ in a day.  If you are searching for daily inspiration or just want to read more about the wonder of our God, first5 is a solid place to start.  Have a great day and God Bless us all!!! – PJSLB