Today’s prayer for the women in my life

I thank you lord for all the females in my life. This world we live in filled with challenges and uncertainly. The pressures they face today is great and I pray Lord that you be with them step by step. I pray lord that they never feel like they re not enough. They are perfect for they are your creation and I pray they walk this earth like the princes of heaven that they are. They are royalty because of you.

Lord, I am lost and I am alright with that

Tonight, I watched my 10 year old cheer two basketball games. While that was happening my 7 year old had soccer practice. In between the two events, I had a parent stop me and say thank you for coaching her kids and that they really love having me. As I was standing there watching the end of the second game, I started to think…How did I end up here? Did I really leave Guam and all of that to be at a Prep school. Soon after I look and notice my 7 year old now in the athletic complex talking to her sister and the other cheerleaders. She then goes down and hangs out with the 8th graders. In that moment, I realize that yes I am here and yes I get to see my girls everyday and yes I am making a difference in the lives of the next generation of Christians. I didn’t expect to be here BUT I’m glad that I am. Have a good night. God bless you all -PJSLB

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