What kept Jesus on the cross?

What a beautiful quote from music artist – TOBY MAC.

Free will.  It is something that we all share and have.  As Christians, we are free to act how we like, express our feelings, and do what we want to do.  Our lord and savior, Jesus Christ also had “free will.”  At anytime, Jesus could of said “enough is enough” and not go through all the pain and suffering.  Jesus choice was YOU!  That is how much Jesus loves you.  I pray today that the Holy Spirit moves you with that thought.  You were chosen.  Your life means everything to GOD.  Have a blessed day.  PJSLB


How to trust when all you know is negativity

Trust is something that is just so hard to do. Trust is based on past experiences. How can you trust something that has given you a negative experience? How can you trust God when your life is just full of pain and suffering? Life is not always good. I remind myself that this life is but a fraction to my eternity. I trust based on faith. I trust based on conviction and I trust based on a selfless love such as the cross. PJSLB

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