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The Bible calmed me down

The word of God has really helped me this week. I am in a place right now where i just want to give up. I am frustrated in doing my best and never seeing success come from it. The Bible this week was my “getting talked off the ledge” moment. Thank you lord for allowing me to vent and instilling in me a level of peace that can only come from you. PJSLB

Life is catching up

Sorry I haven’t been posting in quite a while. The past few months have been filled with ups and downs and it feels like life is just a car on the fast lane. This pic really speaks to me. I need to remember that it all comes back to you lord. Have a great days my family in Christ. PJSLB 

A known God

Learned a valuable lesson. Yesterday, in all the chaos that I faced, God showed himself in such a powerful way. It was just one of those days that you know you experienced the Holy Spirit. 

This morning I woke up again thinking of a new set of problems. I now see that realize that problems and concerns will always be around but so will our God! PJSLB