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Always show your love to your family – Kobe and Gigi

It is impossible not to think about ones mortality with the passing of Kobe. I am still at a loss of words. Love your family, kiss your wife, play with your kids, say thank you to your parents for it can all be gone in an instant.

Lord, The New York Knicks Need You Tonight

Note: Please take this for what its worth and meant to be…light hearted.

Growing up, one of my biggest “prayer moments” was when Allan Houston hit a game winner in 1999 to beat the number one seed Miami Heat.  I remember getting on my knees praying as i have never prayed.  Then this happened!!!

Since then, The Knicks have been pretty much the laughing stock of the leauge.  That can all change tonight if a couple of ping pong balls bounce in our favor.



Lord, if your will be done (im begging here!), please let us get the first pick like you did in 1985 with Patrick Ewing…