24 hour journey from Manila to Atlanta 11/20/13

Delta airlines Manila to Atlanta via Tokyo 5/20/13

*Note entry was wrttien on an ipad. Please forgive any grammar or spelling words*

Any blog entry that deals with travel leaving Manila has to start with the hideous facility that they call NAIA terminal 1. I understand that construction is ongoing and the Philippines is trying to get the terminal on par. BUT when international travelers pass by terminal 2 and 3 and see how much of a better shape they are, international travelers feel as if we are unwanted. Please fix this soon!

It took us 25 minuets just to enter the terminal. As we approached the front entrance we were greeted by the first of 3 metal detectors. Checking in with delta would have been a nightmare if it wasn’t for the sky priority lane. Delta certainly does an excellent job taking care of its medallion members. I am grateful for that. Fast forward the “exit fee” counter where the name speaks for itself and the second metal detector and we are now at the delta sky club.


The club itself was decent and adequate. Furniture was a little dated but was comfortable and functional. The choices of food was as expected at any sky club; the local snacks and finger foods of the country you are in. Free food, drinks, and wifi make for a relaxing 45 minute stay before heading to our gate.

Total flight time 3:40

Boarding and storing of bags was an ease being a gold medallion member. The boarding process in manila is always hectic as you always have a bunch of people surrounding the boarding gate just waiting to get in. Being a sky priority traveller allows you to board right after the business elite passengers.

A note to international flyers; Economy comfort makes all the difference when your on a coach flight. The added space really makes a difference.


Movies watched on board:


Songs listened to:
French Montana – Freaks (edited)
Justin Timberlake – Suit and Tie

Meal on board:




Compared to Manila, NARITA international airport is heaven. It is a different aura here. It’s more inviting and comforting. The delta sky club is modern and has Mac workstations that are free for all to use. Again, the food is the cuisine of the country that you are in…so sushi it is! Wash it down with a glass of jack and I’m ready for the upcoming 12 hour flight to Atlanta


Before i forget, i want to start this entry by saying that the delta staff here in Narita is wonderful! everyone in the travel industry regardless of what company you work for should use the Delta crew here as an example on how to deliver excellence service.

Total flying time 11:52

Wow they certainly know how to pack a plane! I’ve never realized it until I started writing to blog; BEING A MEDALLION MEMBER MAKES A DIFFERENCE! Boarding the plane first and having your bags situated is a huge deal. I feel terrible for the people trying to board the plane now and are struggling to find a place for their bags.

With about 9:25 left in the flight, it has been a fairly bumpy ride with tail winds as high as 115 mph. At about 8:12 left in the flight, the tailwinds have decreased to 78 mph. Praying it will be smooth sailing from here on out.

Flight route was weird in that instead of flying over the Seattle or Vancouver area, we flew a more southern route and entered the continental US thru the San Francisco area. In case your wondering how I can possibly remember the routes taken, I have flown this exact route 14 times since July 2011.

Movies watched on the plane:




Songs listened to on the plane:
Miguel – Adorn (Bad Boy Remix), Mya – Case of the Ex, TI – Bring em out, Janet Jackson – Someone to call my lover remix, Swizz Beats – It’s me bi7c435, French Montana – Pop that,

Food served on this plane:




Nightly prayer 5/19/13

Praise The Lord who always provides!

As we travel back to Tokyo and Atlanta, I thank you for making this trip a success. We were able to secure the safety, comfort, and happiness of our kids while we follow your will and return to Guam/Manila. I pray for continued strength in not letting the rumors, gossip and ill will of others take away from the blessings you have shown me. You are a faithful God and have afforded me opportunities I do not deserve! I do not know why i was chosen but i am eternally grateful that i am yours.

As the time approaches and people begin to talk, I am getting more nervous. I must stop and ask myself:

Why do I care what you think?

From Moses to Noah, Abraham to Job; the bible is full role models who were blessed by God and did not listen to conventional wisdom. I am no where near these men but I can still try to act like them!

I do not mean for this to come off as arrogant and I certainly do not call myself self righteous. I am just in a point in my life where I no longer care about the opinions of others. No longer will I care about what others say. I am not here to please you. I am here to please my GOD.

In Jesus name I pray, amen


Taking away my happiness.

The last 24 hours has been a personal struggle. I recently found out that certain people I thought I could trust have been talking behind my back. There was a good 4 hours were I was silenced with shock. I was beginning to be scared and doubt began to enter my mind. Up until that point, I had complete trust in the will of The Lord and the plans he has made for me and my family. Now, I was not so sure anymore. I tried praying for it but no inspiration came.

I started getting glimpses of quotes, passages, and sayings.

“Man cannot destroy what The Lord has created.”

I began to understand that a person’s opinion should not be a determination on how you feel. Why should man make me feel bad about what THE LORD has blessed me with?

Finally, I came across this on the net.


It really does speak truth. Man should never be in position to take your happiness. If you allow man to determine your happiness and self-worth, you are giving man way more power than he deserves.

Lesson learned… Now if only the Knicks can pull of a win in game 6 against the Pacers in Indiana.

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