Any Day Now Lord.


Up at night with thoughts about promises and conversations I have had with the Lord. I feel like a 5 year old begging and pleading with his/her parent. “I want it now!” “I’ll behave as soon as I get it.” “This will be the last time I ask for something.” I hear these lines on a regular basis from my kids. I tell them to be patient and I know what is good for them. Now the shoe is on the other foot for I am saying these same phrases to my Heavenly Father. His answer are similar. Be patient and trust his timing. How much more does the Lord our God love me in comparison to my love for my kids?

God bless you all. Wait for his timing.

When The Holy Spirit Talks To You.


Have you ever had that feeling that you should be doing so much more for Christ on this earth? You have a sinking feeling that you are wasting your God given talents? Its in my heart that I should be doing more for God. I’m going to have to contemplate on this. Thoughts? Opinions?

Come To The Lord With Your Flaws.


A nice reminder that we do not have to be perfect for our lord to use us to effect change.  As this picture shows, he can and will use anyone!

I thank you lord that we can come to you for grace despite our flaws and defects.  If i had to wait till i was perfect before i could approach you…well, you would be waiting for a lifetime.  I ask that you use my life to help others while I am fortunate enough to walk on this earth.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

Good morning from the beautiful island of Guam.  God Bless!

One Of Those Days When I Need To Focus On Christ



Brothers and Sister, Im going to need some prayer sent my way.  Negativity, doubt, being anxious, frustration, etc. have all flooded my emotions.  I have a whole days worth or worrying in just one hour.  It is days like this when i need to really focus on God.

Focusing on Christ is important for my faith (and sanity). By nature, I am the type of person that worries about everything.  My mind would race and i would make even the most minuscule event turn into DEFCON 1.  I would then focus on the problems solely and that would lead to that “sinking feeling” staying in my body for an extended period of time.

Late 2013, I found a technique that has helped me tremendously.  I made a conscious effort to focus just as hard on Christ as my problems when that “sinking feeling” would come.  Anytime negativity would come into mind, I would quickly focus on God.  I would focus on the cross, his love, my victories, my blessings, my miracles, etc.  I would place myself in a day dream state.  Imagine a race horse with blinkers.  The blinkers keep his his looking straight forward.  In a race with everything happening around the horse, the horse remains focused on the finished line because of the blinkers.  When i need to focus on Christ, I place my blinkers on.  I focus straight up and keep my eyes on Christ.  He is my prize… He is what i aim for.  In the end, I would always say out loud victory on my behalf.  Today, I said “May i always remember that in this world everything is temporary my final destination is with my savior.”

How do you stay focused on God’s grace?

May the good Lord, bless us, keep us, and deliver us from problems that come on a daily basis.

Why be an undercover Christian? Live life!

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