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The world I live in has meaing because the Lord dwells in me.  I do not put myself out their as the perfect Christian but rather try to do my best.  I realize that i am a human and it is in my nature to sin.  Through the good days and bad, I know that the one constant is my savior.  I love the comedic angle of Duck Dynasty and how their faith is intertwined in the show as well.

20 Words That Are Now Defined Differently Because You Are Older.

We all love reading those interesting articles on LifeHack…I love reading Life Hack Articles!!! I love them so much that i started writing for Life Hack.  If you have time (you probably do considering your on this site to begin with) click the link below and share with your friends!!!

20 Words That Are Now Defined Differently Because You Are Older.

Its getting confusing with all these new meanings words have now!

Thanks, God Bless and God be the glory!!!

10 Apps That Will Help Strengthen You Christian Faith – DAY ONE

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Remember the days of writing in a Prayer Journal?  You would write down all your prayer requests, concerns and fears, maybe even glue some pictures of items you are dreaming of owning.  The idea of having a prayer journal was great but the problem was keeping up with it.  Their would always be a moment when you would get lazy to write in it.  Even if you were determined to push along and continue the journal with some longevity, you would never be able to backtrack and read what you wrote in the past.  It would get overwhelming.

DAY ONE brings the journal writing to the 21st century.  With Day ONE you can arrange all your journal entires by subject, date, tags, and even by geographical location.  All entries are automatically stamped with the correct time, date, and GPS location for detailed journal writing.  By creating various tags you can further organize your journal to your liking.  For those who are forgetful, DAY ONE can even send notifications to your phone to remind you to start writing. DAY ONE uses the iCloud system to seamlessly sync your entries to all your iOS devices.  You can type on your Mac and continue right were you left off on your iPhone or iPad (iPod as well for those who still have these) which makes your journal ready at your finger tips at all times. You must download and install both the mobile app and the mac app of DAY ONE to use this feature.

I use DAY ONE to write down my walk with God.  Its my electronic diary.  I use it not only to write down the blessings I have received from above but also write down my concerns and fears.  I love writing in my journal when the Lord blesses me in little ways.  I may write a quick journal entry or attach a picture of what just happened.  We tend to forget the little things that the Lord does for us and by me writing in my DAY ONE journal, I can see (read) all that the good Lord has done. Lately, I have been using DAY ONE to record my walk as i am now use the Resolution Decree from the movie Courageous.

You can download the DAY ONE Mac app here.

You can download the DAY ONE iPhone/iPad app here.



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