Be Careful What We Say.


When people see my life, I want them to see a Christian.  I want them to see love and hope.  I want the Holy Spirit to use my life to effect positive change in someone else’s life.  I have always said that I am not the perfect Christian.  I search for Christ always and thats the best that I can do.

WHAT ABOUT YOU?  Are people happy that you are in their lives?  Do you bring them happiness?  Is joy and happiness present when you are around?  Do you always try to make it a point to hurt people with your words?  Are you a burden or a tool for Christ?  These are questions that we need to answer honestly.

The world is full with negativity.  The last thing we need is more of it.  I challenge all readers of this blog to answer this question honestly:


Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I challenge you to be an inspiration to everyone in your life.  Talk them up, not down.  Lift their spirits and not their worries.  Plain and simple…let us all stop using our words as knives.

Mandy Hale says it best…


What Is Your Favorite Bible Verse?


I was in the 6th grade and i gave my life over to Jesus.  It was a scary time because i was afraid to tell my parents that I am now a Christian.  Actually, it wasn’t until college when I was finally able to tell them about my faith in Christ.  I cannot tell you the exact time and day that i was saved.  I can tell you what was the first verse that i ever memorized.  Back then (and today) this was a verse that spoke to me.  It was everything that i was looking for all nicely wrapped up in just a few words.  It was a reminded that with Jesus ANYTHING is possible.  It spoke to the inner child in me.  A child seeking something from his father.  Recently, my daughter asked me what was my favorite bible verse.  With that question, Matthew 7:7 and how it held my faith together at such a young age was brought back into the family.

What’s your favorite bible verse?

A Love That Is Real & Forever…Jesus.


The true love is that of our savior.  It is a love that can mend any broken heart.  Jesus does not promise a life that is worry free or full of happiness and joy.  Jesus has promised that when walking thru life’s challenges, you will not be alone…HE IS WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES.  That is a love stronger than anything else.  Who are we to complain when our life on earth gets ough.  We must remember that our Lords walk on this earth was filled with pain and sorrow.

If you do not know Jesus as you’re savior of if you have any questions this link will help you find what you are looking for.  The 700 Club has an excellent Q&A section to many questions dealing with Christianity.  In no way am I advocating the 700 Club above others.  I believe that we all are working towards the same thing…BRINGING HONOR TO OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHURST.

Remember love the lord not the institution.


Why be an undercover Christian? Live life!

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