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Watching the Lord use your Kids to do his will

Proud Dad status of the day:
Coming home this afternoon and driving in the rain we see our elderly neighbor raking the leaves on her front lawn. I ask the girls if we should help her and they said yes. After parking the car and leaving our stuff in the garage, we approach our neighbor and ask if she needed help. She had the biggest smile and said yes. She wants the exercise of raking but not the bending and placing in trash bags. I tell her to leave it all there and the girls and i will return and finish up. She says to the girls that this is the sweetest thing she has seen in such a long time.
An hour later (after the girls finished their homework) we walk over to “Ms. Betty’s” house to find piles of leaves. WE find a small trash bag to be filled with leaves and two chocolate bars on top of the rake. Ms. Betty left them for the girls. The girls glad started placing them in trash bags. N notices that the trash bag was getting full and suggested she go get one of our “big” trash bags. 30 mins later as we were done, K screams thank you to Ms. Betty for the chocolate. Ms. Betty opened her front door and had the biggest smile and said God Bless You to the girls. Walking back to the house, we stopped at Ms. Betty’s driveway and said a prayer of thanks to the Lord for allowing us to help. K quickly said “Im glad we got a chance to help”.


I thank you lord for allowing the girls to be part of your plan to help out someone today. Have a good night everyone.  May the Lord bless us and keep us. – PJSLB

Lauren Daigle – “How can it be” is an album that the Holy Spirit uses to inspire

(Authors note – this isn’t a review of the album from a music perspective. This is my personal experience listening to the album and what it has does for me as a Christian.)

What a beautiful voice. I am a imaginative person. I love getting into a zone where my minds just wanders and all of life’s infinite possibilities are possible. That is the way I am when I pray or reflect about Christ. I just let my imagination go. Lauren Daigle’s – How Can It Be (2015) is one album that allows me to just let my imagination run wild about Christ and all that he is and all that he will be. From the song “First” to a song that will drop you to your knees and praise God – “trust in you“, this is an album that will be on repeat at my office for the foreseeable future.

In May, my daughter who was 9 at the time experienced a life changing event.  I know that sounds weird to hear for a 9 year old, BUT we all remember our first encounter with Christ. In the midst of all the sorry, tears, and confusion in that very moment; the song Trust In You started playing.  I took her in my arms and prayed as she was crying.  Her tears were gone soon enough and in time the memory of that event is one of the song and how it got her thru something that was a very big deal for her.  Thank You @Lauren_Daigle for this song!

The last track on the album “Once and for All” is a song that strips everything that keeps us away from Christ. For any Christian, the lyrics is one that will give you goose bumps and tears.


God I give You all I can today
These scattered ashes that I hid away
I lay them all at Your feet
From the corners of my deepest shame
The empty places where I’ve worn Your name
Show me the love I say I believe
Oh Help me to lay it down
Oh Lord I lay it down
Oh let this be where I die
My lord with thee crucified
Be lifted high as my Kingdom’s fall
Once and for all, once and for all
There is victory in my Saviors loss
And In the crimson flowing from the cross
Pour over me, pour over me yes
Oh let this be where I die
My lord with thee crucified
Be lifted high as my Kingdom’s fall
Once and

The lonesome piano playing in “Once and for All” along with the somber lyrics makes How Can It Be an album that is perfect for your time of reflection with Christ.
The album has been out for awhile but i am sure that any Christian would be thrilled to receive this on this holiday season.    You can find out more on Lauren on her website. Have a good one folks…God Bless
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The Holy Spirit Spoke to ME!

First of all, I pray that you all had a wonderful thanksgiving.  Mine was filled with family, fun, laughter, and of course food!  During the past week, I was blessed to witness my youngest have her 7th birthday (thanksgiving child) and also my cousin’s (brother) 39th birthday.  The tree is up at the house, the elf is running around making my kids laugh and Christmas shopping has begun.

Last night as i was laying down, I had a sudden panic attack about the upcoming week and the uncertainty of what the future holds.  It was something that kept me up for a good hour.  I tried to think about the Lord and that he has everything under control but I was still thinking about everything.  Suddenly, as if a light switch was just turned on, I felt this calm run thru my body and i suddenly got excited.  My mind was filled with the thought that the Lord will show himself this week.

This morning, I noticed a lot more hits on the site today.  I had a wonderful morning meeting at work. I am getting the ball rolling on various projects and now I come across a saying that just fills my spirit with joy.

My worries stem from what i am currently doing.   I love what i am doing but at the same time, I always have these thoughts in the back of my mind if what i am doing is right, worth it, or even really beneficial to my family.  There are opportunities out there that i can take that would have my family in a much better position but every time I entertain even the thought of changing where i am, the Lord places an event that I can only experience here.

It all comes down to this…I love what I am doing but i am making sacrifices to stay here.  I can go somewhere else and be more stable (in the earthly sense) but will i still have the opportunity to say “I LOVE WHAT I AM DOING”?

I am excited to see what the Lord presents this week.  Thats one thing about our father…there is never a dull moment.  God bless you and all you cherish.

Lord, Where do you want me to go!

For the past year, i have been searching high and low with what the lord wants me to do.    I even went half way around the world because I heard the word of the lord loud and clear.  Though i didnt find what i was looking for there, it did set me up to be in the position i am at now.  I love what i am doing and love being an instrument of the Lord.  Recently, I was intrigued about another path that opened up and it felt like that is where I am being led to go.  Now, i am not sure.  In the meantime, i will be praying, listening, and being attentaive for the Holy Spirit.  This should be an interesting next few months.  Good Afternoon and God Bless!!!