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14-15 Hope Scholarship 1st Essay

With the constant floods that strains the city of Manila; what is your opinion of the reclamation projects along Roxas Blvd?  Does the benefits still outweigh the negatives? Have we now come to a point where the financial benefits are not worth the effects it is having on the community?  Do you consider the reclaiming of the land bad?

Essays have to be at least 300 words long.  English or Tagalog is acceptable.

Essays shall be on Microsoft Word or Mac Pages.  Please submit all essays to the Sardoma email address that you already have.

Pelagio Sardoma Hope Scholarship @ The University of the East

Thank you again for taking the time out of your busy academic careers to apply for the Hope Scholarship. If you have not done so already; go to and apply right away! Minimum requirements for the scholarship can be found there as well. For those of you who have already applied; please continue reading…

As part of the scholarship process, we ask that you answer ONE of the following essay questions below. There is no length requirement for this essay. Essays should be emailed to Under subject line please write your name and the title of the essay you have chosen. Please write your essays directly on the email. No attachments. We will not open any attachments for security reasons. We will get back with you upon receiving the essay. Again, thank you and God Bless.

Essays to choose from (choose ONE only)

1. My future is important because…

2. The secret to balancing school life and social life is…

3. The greatest challenge i face is…

4. When all is said and done, the only thing that matters is…

Again, please email all essays to with the subject line being your name and the essay title you have chosen.

Manila to Atlanta

August 9, 2011

Man, I am so excited about going home. Tough it was fun here, I desperately miss my family. Business here in the Philippines went really well and it is inevitable that a return sooner than later will have to take place. When coming back here, jhen would have to come as well. No matter how fun the trip was, it would have been 10 times better with the family here.

Thank you to university of the east and university of the Philippines officials for extending such accommodations. It is greatly appreciated.

I do not know how much blogging I will be doing on the trip back to Georgia. I am exhausted physically and emotionally. Having to speak proper English for the last 12 days has taken a lot of me.


Tokyo to Manila

July 28, 2011 Narita airport

Wow, what can I say…I am super tired. Before I say anything, I have to start by saying that JAPAN HAS THE BEST MCDONALDS IN THE WORLD! Fast, fresh, and sooo good. I can honestly say that was the best big Mac that I have had in my life. I probably ate the whole thing in about two bites! There are so many Filipinos on this plane. It’s a culture shock. Being in Georgia for awhile now and not being in the Philippines since 2005; it’s a sensory overload. Not that there is anything wrong with being around “my people” it’s just overwhelming. I think a lot of it has to do with everyone excited to be going back to the Philippines. There are also a lot of kids in here. It makes me miss my girls even more.

On a side note, going forward, I will now be staying in first class when traveling from atlantato Manila or vice versa. My premium seat was great but those first class seats are amazing. You could practically lay down! The seats are also slanted so you technically are not sitting next to anyone.

Watching godfather to kill the 3 hours and 45 min flight. I love the quotes in this movie. You can quote the godfather for any occasion. I love this one… “a man who does not spend time with his family can never be a real man.” or this one… “never tell anyone outside of the family what you really think.”.

It really gets to me when I see parents being mean to their kids (especially if it’s a girl). I don’t understand why some parents have a hard time showing their kids love and affection. Makes me miss the kids more.

I am beyond mad right now. Someone is smoking in the bathroom. We can all smell it. That person better get caught.