Being persistent with God

I remember as a child wanting a Nintendo entertainment system. My mom would say no but that never stopped me from asking. I was not deterred with all the “no’s.”

On my birthday I opened my gift only to see the one thing that I have been asking for the longest time…a Nintendo Entertainment System!

I was persistent and kept asking my mom even when I knew she would say no. But my mom and her love for me chose the perfect time to give the thing I wanted more than anything.

Why is it that when we ask God for something and we do not receive it immediately, we give up asking? If our earthly parents would give to us then surely our Heavenly Father would do a million times more. KEEP ASKING! PJSLB

Mistakes in the past STAY in the PAST

The family and I just watched Star Wars, The Last Jedi and let me tell you, we enjoyed every second of it.

SPOILERS (do not proceed if you haven’t watched the movie and intend to!)

A major theme in the movie is TO FORGET ABOUT THE PAST. The same can be said for life as a Christian. We all have things that we regret, are embarrassed about, and have done things we are not proud off. Being redeemed by Christ allows you to look at yourself in the mirror and KNOW that God love you!

Have a great day and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! PJSLB

The Sorrow of Christmas

Christmas is full of joy and laughter. A chance to be with family, friends and loved ones. Christmas is also a time of painful goodbyes and memories of years past.

This past month my parents came over for the holiday season and after not seeing them for over two years, I had such fun having them around. This morning I dropped them off to the airport so they can play “tourist” for a week; visiting some beautiful places out country has to offer. Although, I will see them in a week my heart still hurts.

When enjoying the Holiday season with your loved ones, keep an eye out on those who are missing someone. Be compassionate and be a keeper of you fellow brothers and sisters. God Bless. PJSLB