Lord, I am lost and I am alright with that

Tonight, I watched my 10 year old cheer two basketball games. While that was happening my 7 year old had soccer practice. In between the two events, I had a parent stop me and say thank you for coaching her kids and that they really love having me. As I was standing there watching the end of the second game, I started to think…How did I end up here? Did I really leave Guam and all of that to be at a Prep school. Soon after I look and notice my 7 year old now in the athletic complex talking to her sister and the other cheerleaders. She then goes down and hangs out with the 8th graders. In that moment, I realize that yes I am here and yes I get to see my girls everyday and yes I am making a difference in the lives of the next generation of Christians. I didn’t expect to be here BUT I’m glad that I am. Have a good night. God bless you all -PJSLB

How the word of God travels

I will be the first to admit that this blog was just something i started out of fun and just to “play around”.  Yes, I try my best to live a Christian life and yes I do believe everything i write.  BUT never would i know that this blog which is basic and primitive as compared to others would be able to reach all corners of the earth.  The picture below shows how God can use even something as simple as this blog to spread his word! The highlighted countries in light blue are countries where the blog has been viewed since I have been writing regularly.


Revelation 14:6

Then I saw another angel flying directly overhead, with an eternal gospel to proclaim to those who dwell on earth, to every nation and tribe and language and people.

Christian Christmas Music Day 2

***Until Christmas Day, I will be highlighting one song that defines Christmas for me and my family. Hopefully, some of these songs will be an inspiration to you and your family as well.

Day 2 – Kelly Clarkson – My favorite American Idol with the queens of country.

Wrapped in Red  Song – Silent Night  ft. Trisha Yearwood and Reba McEntire

I love Kelly Clarkson.  From American Idol to the 2000s anthem Since you’ve been gone, Kelly has been one of those personalities that just lets her singing to all the talking.  Silent Night is one of those songs that ANYONE can sing and make you feel sentimental.  What makes Kelly’s version different is that her version has a very jubilant feel.  I guess it has to do with the country feel that Trisha and Ms. McEntire bring.

Enjoy! -PJSLB

Day 1 – Pentatonix – Hallelujah