Thought of the night 12/01/16

It’s been a good day with family. Yes, I was at work today but, I am blessed to be working at a place where I consider my coworkers to be family. Today, I witnessed my daughter cheer in two basketball games and enjoyed watching my youngest daughter play (if you call it that) soccer. I also got to spend time with the family eating dinner and watching The Voice.  Even saw a dog that may be perfect for the family. Just hope that she doesn’t get a reaction when they meet. 

Lord, I thank you for a beautiful day with those I love. These are the days that I love where I can be around the people you have blessed me with. I thank you for being able to watch my kids grow and watch the enjoyment in their eyes. I pray for safety for those I hold dear. I pray for my wife and kids. I even pray that when my youngest meets the new potential puppy that she doesn’t have an allergic reaction. You my my Lord and my savior. I Love You. In Jesus name, Amen PJSLB

Christmas Album 2016 – Lauren Daigle – BEHOLD

A few days ago, I reviewed (from a Christian standpoint) Lauren Daigle’s 2015 album How Can It be. I am a huge fan of Ms. Daigle and was ecstatic to see that Apple Music recommended her new album entitled BEHOLD A Christmas Collection to me.  If it wasn’t for Apple, I would of never known that Lauren just released a Christmas Album

The track list for BEHOLD A Christmas Collection:


As the title says, this is an album of Christmas classics which are being sung by one of the smoothest voices out there today.  I can’t wait to get to the car this afternoon and enjoy this album with my daughters.

Do yourself (and your family) a favor and get this album.  You will not be disappointed.  You can find out more about Lauren Daigle on her website.



Daily Devotional – Why I love Christmas

I love Christmas. Christmas is a time with family and friends, crowded malls, shopping, egg nog, Christmas plays, exchanging gifts, more crowded malls, more shopping, etc.  It can drive you completely crazy but thats okay!

This morning, Max Lucado reminded me why i love this time of year.  Its the time of year where everyone and i mean EVERYONE asks, thinks, talks, reflects on Jesus.  Even non believers will be seeing displays of the manger or the three kings following the star.  The birth of Jesus, so humble so peaceful is a story thats being told every min of this month and as a Christian, I am aware that this is an opportunity to share Christ.

Do you know someone who loves this time of year and is not a Christian? If so, pray that the Holy Spirit move you in sharing what this time of year really means to them.  As followers of Christ, it is our duty to share the word of Christ to all.  This time of year just makes it that much easier.

Lets the season of sharing the Word of God begin!  Have a good morning – PJSLB


This is  conversation my wife and i will be having very soon!