Dad playing catch with his son.

img_8205While in Washington D.C. on a business trip, I saw this  and it was just something that moved me. As I was siting in the park waiting for my hotel shuttle, I overheard a little boy wanting to play catch with his dad. I hear the dad agree and soon afterwards I hear the sound of a football traveling in the air. I look up and my jaw dropped when I saw the”dad” who was throwing the ball. It was an old man around his late 50’s and he was wearing suit. Now mind you, this wasn’t a cheap suit you can get for for $100.00. This was a high quality suit. It warmed my heart to see a dad take time out of his busy schedule to put a smile on his sons face. I guarantee that it will be dry-cleaned by the end of the week.  What an example of taking time for the important things in life.

My faith and my personal struggle. 

From starting my day with watching miracles from heaven to ending it with linsanity, I now know I need completely faith and submission to the lord.
I have been struggling the past month with what God wants me to do. I prayed for an opportunity and I received it. Now the opportunity just feels more like a burden than a blessing. At times, I ask “why would the lord bless me with something like this?” Or “this can’t be that bad because it’s from God.”  I was down and though it’s hard for me to admit, I was resentful. Faith in good times and faith in bad times…that’s what I am telling myself to get me thru this.
Prayers would be appreciated.