Christian Hip Hop

I love Hip-Hop.  Let me rephrase that…I LOVE MUSIC.  Born in New York, raised on Guam, and living at one time or another in every region of our country, my taste in music is as wide as the Grand Canyon.

As a Christian who loves music (especially Hip Hop) it’s increasingly getting hard to find music that uplifts me spiritually.  Sure, you have music like those found on K-LOVE but sometimes you just want to get hyped up and enjoy the bass banging from the speakers in your car.  Today, I found such a rapper that not only connected me with me college years but has now connected with me on a Christian level.

I first came across MC JIN when he would do those freestyle battles on BET back in the day.  He would then play a role in one of my favorite move franchises, The Fast and the Furious.  He played Jimmy in 2 Fast 2 Furious.  Today, MC Jin is a professed Christian.  He still sounds the same as if he was still doing battles on BET but the message has changed.  I thank God for being able to listen to something like this in my car!

Here is a sample on MC JIN with he was on a morning talk show.

Love the line – You go to church, read the bible, that’s great I applaud you, but it’s all a question of How’s your relationship with the father!

You can follow MC Jin on Twitter as well by following @iammcjin.

Comment with any all Christian artist you listen to right now!  God Bless All Of US!

Love the blessings, hate the lessons

One of the things I really have to learn is accepting that if I want something, I have to be willing to wait for it and also be willing to go thru some rocky moments for it. It’s the “can’t have your cake and eat it too” train of thought. Came across this on the KLOVE Facebook wall. A beautiful verse from proverbs that talks about having to be willing to be disciplined in order to obtain something (like knowledge). Have a good Monday everyone! God Bless!

A “small” city with “big” sights.

Gods beauty here in Greenville!

Visiting some friends here in Greenville, South Carolina for a couple of days and needed some things to do to kill time. Actually, my daughters needed some things to do to kill time.  I heard about the Greenville zoo and that it was a good way to make a couple of hours pass by.  I was not expecting much…but I was shocked
(good way) at the quality of the zoo and the types of animals they have.  The Greenville zoo has your obligatory snakes, giraffes, gators, birds, but also has animals you may not even have heard of (do you know what a “Rhea” is).  More pics coming from the Greenville zoo BUT in the meantime, I think this Lion pic is a good preview.

We also visited the Falls Park at Reedy and it was absolutely beautiful.  I was told it was man made and if so, I believe every city should make something like this.  With a modern bridge that crosses a fountain like area, the family and I easily spent a couple of hours here feeding the wildlife (geese, ducks, swans, etc) and enjoying the scenery.  There is quite a few things happening all at the same time from Shakespeare at the Park, line dancing, and even a band.  Great job city of Greenville!