Earthy Opinions


Came across this on my Facebook wall. It was something I posted in 2013. Still rings true today. I still have a hard time with worrying what people think about me. It’s sad that in this time of my life when I am blessed with so much that I still even worry about what people say. Something I need to really focus on. 

I know what really matters yet I still worry about the wrong things. Anyone else struggling with this? 

Have a great weekend. God Bless!

Peaceful Plots of Land

 Taken at the North Kern Cemetery District in Delano, CA. 

The calm and peace in a cemetary always keeps me in awe. People walking around in silent and reflective moods. Families gathered around a loved one that left this life way to soon. I pray for peace lord for all those still left on this earth while your children have come to you.